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“Then again,” whispered Liev as they sat down, “it could be Mr. Switzler. He could be a grumpy werewolf!”

“What was that, Vadiknov?” called Mr. Switzler.
Liev brightened up with his whitest smile. “I was just saying how delighted I am to start the first day of my school week in your classroom, sir!”

Mr. Switzler pointed a trembling finger at him.

“Keep it up, Mr. Vadiknov. Good grades only go so far.”

Liev only smiled. It was hardly mid-morning, and he was already pushing people to exasperation.

A snippet from Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary

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ps. as an author of this book, I have to say….Liev is one of my favorite characters! :)

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Monsters & Hunters Are On Their Way!

After a long and bloody battle (ok, not so bloody, but certainly long and awaited) with the printer, “Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary” (Book 1) has finally shipped!!

For those of you who have waited on your orders, thank you for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience and take it upon ourselves to make it right. For your patience, we are including another gift with the shipment of your book (for books ordered through our website)…simply as a “Thank you and hope you enjoy!!”

Below is a list of the places you can order print and ebook versions of Book 1. Please help us spread the word to all your friends, Young Adult and Middle Grade readers, librarians, retailiers, humans, monsters, gargoyles, birds, cats, dogs, pigeons (wait, aren’t those birds?)…and anyone else who might just enjoy a good romp through the Otherworld with a horde of monsters and the Hunters that chase them! And if you don’t think all these species can read…well, you’ll just have to read to learn better. :)


Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary (Book 1) is available at these fine locations: (Print) (Kindle version)

Barnes and Noble (Print & Nook Book)

Publisher Direct Print