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Charlie clamped his mouth and threw himself back into the pillows, wiping his eyes. It was the same dream, of course. It just became worse, more real, every time. Somebody had been hurt—no, killed—but Charlie still could not see who.

The door nearly flew off its hinges as Mr. Sullivan launched into the room, bleary-eyed and more than slightly rattled. He brandished a notebook over his head. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Nothing,” Charlie sniffed. “Just a nightmare, s’all. Sorry, dad.”

A snippet from Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary

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“Then again,” whispered Liev as they sat down, “it could be Mr. Switzler. He could be a grumpy werewolf!”

“What was that, Vadiknov?” called Mr. Switzler.
Liev brightened up with his whitest smile. “I was just saying how delighted I am to start the first day of my school week in your classroom, sir!”

Mr. Switzler pointed a trembling finger at him.

“Keep it up, Mr. Vadiknov. Good grades only go so far.”

Liev only smiled. It was hardly mid-morning, and he was already pushing people to exasperation.

A snippet from Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: The Varcolac’s Diary

Ebooks: Kindle and NOOK

Paperback: Author’s Shop,, and

ps. as an author of this book, I have to say….Liev is one of my favorite characters! :)

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There’s a great story about how bamboo grows. A farmer plants a bamboo shoot underground, and waters and tends it for about three years. Nothing grows that’s visible, but the farmer trots out there, tending to this invisible thing with a certain amount of faith that things are going to work out. When the bamboo finally appears above ground, it can shoot up to thirty feet in a month. This is like my kickstarter campaign. The numbers aren’t shocking to me, not at all. I set the goal for the kickstarter at $100,000 hoping we’d make it quickly, and hoping we’d surpass it by a long-shot.

I’ve been tending this bamboo forest of fans for years and years, ever since leaving roadrunner records in 2009. Every person I talk to at a signing, every exchange I have online (sometimes dozens a day), every random music video or art gallery link sent to me by a fan that i curiously follow, every strange bed I’ve crashed on…all of that real human connecting has led to this moment, where I came back around, asking for direct help with a record. Asking EVERYBODY. Asking my poor fans to give a dollar, or if nothing else, to spread the link; asking my rich fans to loan me money at whatever level they can afford to miss it for a while.

And they help because they know I’m good for it. Because they KNOW me.

Amanda Palmer talks about her KICKSTARTER (now over $545,000 raised, and only a dollar for a digital download of the next album) on Techdirt. (via neil-gaiman)

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I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

Neil Gaiman (via crankyashley)

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Do not hesitate to give your hero lusts of the flesh, dark passions, impulses to evil; for these dark powers, fused with their opposites – the will to good, the moral impulses, the powers of the spirit – will do to your character precisely what the opposite powers of fire and water do to the sword blade.
William Foster-Harris

I want *their* job!

Well, this speaks for itself!
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I want *their* job!


Well, this speaks for itself!

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Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it. The more you need the money, the more people will tell you what to do. The less control you will have. The more bullshit you will have to swallow. The less joy it will bring. Know this and plan accordingly.
Hugh MacLeod, “How To Be Creative”

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My reason, the physician to my love, angry that his prescriptions are not kept, hath left me.
William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), Sonnet CXLVII

Happy Birthday & Crazy Quote of the Week

I dedicate this quote of the week to my little brother, whose birthday is today.  Happy Bday little guy!

"Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese."

-Billie Burke

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Mad Quote of the Week: Kurt Vonnegut

"Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder ‘why, why, why?’
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand.”

-Kurt Vonnegut